The Mill announces ilDance Residency, seeks dancers

Swedish dance company ilDance is collaborating with The Mill Adelaide on an expanded Choreographic Futures Dance Residency. 

The Mill has announced a new residency with Swedish dance company ilDance. The residency will run for four weeks, from May 4 until May 29. The 2015 Choreographic Futures Dance Residency has grown since last year. In 2015, eligibility has increased from only one resident to six, with two places held open for dancers hailing from interstate or overseas. What’s more, eight places are open to dancers interested in taking part in a new work developed by ilDance over the course of the residency. Having visited Adelaide in 2013, ilDance’s artistic directors, Irael Aloni and Lee Bremmer, are excited to return. Aloni says the group has an affinity with Erin Fowler and Amber Cronin from The Mill, citing their similar work ethic. “Right away, we were drawn to their productivity, passion and strive which resemble some of ilDance’s fundamental values.” Co-founder of The Mill, and a dancer herself, Fowler says that since announcing the residency there has already been a swell of interest. “There were a lot of recent graduates and established dancers expressing interest, as well as a few from overseas. That’s quite encouraging to see.” Bringing an international group to Adelaide for a residency such as this is a dream for The Mill, which hopes to open the world up to local creatives, as well as bring global attention to the home-grown talent we have here. “We’re trying to create opportunities for artists here,” says Fowler. “Part of that is giving them exposure and lasting connections to people and ideas from overseas.” Dancers and choreographers are invited to attend the information session tonight at 5:30pm at The Mill, 154 Angas St. Applications will close at 5pm, Monday, March 2. Photograph by Chris Herzfeld, supplied by The Mill

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