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Gallery M’s Inaugural Art Prize a Storming Success

Gallery M’s Inaugural Art Prize a Storming Success

A new art prize arrived just in time for the SALA Festival courtesy of Gallery M and the not-for-profit Red House Group.

Open to all mediums and styles, Gallery M’s Open Contemporary Prize attracted more than 160 entries. Gallery M manager Julie Pritchard says the decision to leave the inaugural competition open to any variety of medium or style allowed it to find a “point of difference from other prize exhibitions that are limited by a certain theme or media”.

The 2016 prize winners represent that very diversity, with Tim O’Shea’s At the Gallery portraying a “scene of art-goers, move at their own pace whilst navigating the void” taking out the $3000 first prize, Ian Willding’s abstract Portrait To My Childhood Memories winning the $1000 second and Fran Callen’s candid black and white piece Look nabbing the $500 third prize.

gallery-m-art-prize-adelaide-review-5Tim O’Shea, At the Gallery

While only three pieces could pick up prizes, Gallery M’s nascent Open Contemporary Prize attracted a swathe of entries, for which the Gallery “engaged three independent professional judges to do this difficult task [of narrowing the field]”. “We are very happy with the excellent response from over 160 entries,” Pritchard says.

gallery-m-art-prize-adelaide-review-4Fran Callen, Look

While Pritchard and the Gallery M community are pleased with the success of their competition, they are saddened by the tragic passing of one of their own, and second-prize winner, Ian Willding, a week ago.

“He was an amazing person and a brilliant artist, who touched so many lives in a positive way,” Pritchard says of Willding. “Ian played a crucial role in overseeing the display of each exhibition at Gallery M, and also found time in his busy schedule to volunteer at opening nights and other events at Gallery M. His dedication was extraordinary.”

gallery-m-art-prize-adelaide-review-3Ian Willding, Portal To My Childhood Dreams

Gallery M’s Open Contemporary Prize will continue exhibiting until Sunday, August 28

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