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Yve Thompson Turns the Tide

Yve Thompson Turns the Tide

In her latest exhibition at BMG Art, Yve Thompson combines naturalistic and abstract works which originate from the same source – a tree in Coffin Bay National Park.

“All the images are derived from the tree or from the feeling of being at that location,” Thompson says. “It’s all about being at the site.”

Thompson is particularly interested in colour resonance and the link between colour and music. Like her previous work, her new exhibition Above the Tide includes pieces that explore musical movement.

“It’s capturing the feeling I got on the beach while I was drawing the tree, looking out from the tree and sitting under the tree. That feeling when there is suddenly a breeze. It comes through and it ripples,” she says.

Yve Thomspon, Breeze, 2017

Thompson’s work continues to be influenced by a Japanese aesthetic – the balance of shape and form. In this instance, the tree resembles a giant bonsai and two of the large naturalistic drawings are on Japanese paper, which Thompson oils and stains. They are then presented hanging like a scroll.

This is the first time Thompson has created a whole series based on one subject. While some of the images are abstract they still start from a solid idea where she is drawing something specific – in this instance the tree.

“Sometimes it’s minimising complicated shapes and very basic shapes. Sometimes it’s a feeling for it felt heavy there, and it felt light there, and breezy over there, and so it springs off in that sort of way,” she says.

yve-thompson-tortion-adelaide-reviewYve Thompson, Tortion, 2017

Through these paintings and drawings, Thompson seeks to recreate the atmosphere of the site and express her reaction to the space. She felt it was the perfect tree and the perfect spot.

“The tree is an extraordinary shape and it’s an incredible location. From the tree you look out over this pristine, beautiful, clear water to a distant shore,” she says.

Having found this lovely isolated spot, Thompson has tried to capture the feelings and emotions she experienced while in this environment which left her wondering why would you bother going anywhere else.

“It’s about the gratitude that we still have places like this available, especially in Australia.”

Yve Thompson
Above the Tide

Until Saturday, May 13

Header image: Yve Thompson, Above the Tide (detail.), 2017

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