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Sera Waters Celebrates the Domestic Arts

Sera Waters Celebrates the Domestic Arts

In Domestic Arts, Sera Waters is drawing on her family history and stories, as well as wider Australian narratives, presenting embroideries and hand-crafted sculptures that are related to the history of homemaking in Australia from a colonial perspective.

Waters uses found materials such as textiles, doilies, and other domestic objects and brings them together to create a new narrative.

Sera-Waters-Boundary-Wreath-2017-found-woollen-needleworks-wool-velveteen-beanfill-hooks-Courtesy-the-artist-and-Hugo-Michell-GallerySera Waters, Boundary Wreath (2017)

“The exhibition critiques the legacies that have been passed along but it also celebrates and pays homage to how women in particular have used the things around them to reflect their lives and things that have happened over their lifetime,” Waters says.

“Waters is looking at the domestic crafts that were often created by women and subverting them and putting them into a contemporary art context,” says ACE Open’s Liz Nowell. “It’s an ambitious installation.”

Sera Waters, There There (2016-17)

The exhibition is presented as an immersive installation, set up to resemble a domestic space. Walls have been installed creating a frontage to a home with an impression of a hallway with different rooms coming off it. “It’s not as intimate as a domestic space or as broken up but it’s emulating that,” Waters says.

Domestic Arts is the official launch exhibition for ACE Open and is an indication of the type of exhibitions audiences can expect going forward.

Sera-Waters-Colonial-Beacons-printed-wallpaper-cm-Courtesy-the-artist-and-Hugo-Michell-GallerySera Waters, Colonial Beacons (2017)

“From an artist’s perspective this is a significant opportunity with a monograph and a massive solo show,” Waters says. “It’s a chance to solidify everything that has been happening over the last few years and that’s really exciting.”

Sera Waters: Domestic Arts
Ace Open
Friday, July 21 to Saturday, August 26

Header image: Sera Waters, Telling Tales on Terry Towelling – Fashioning Locals (2016-17) & Sera Waters, Telling Tales on Terry Towelling – Lost to Fellmongering (2016-17)

Photography: Grant Hancock

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