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SALA gets a retouch

SALA gets a retouch

Australia’s largest open-access visual arts festival, SALA, has a contemporary new look.

SALA’s CEO Kate Moskwa engaged Anthony and Kelly O’Sullivan of local design company Influx to design a new look while web developers I-Nex are designing the website (to be launched soon) for the festival.  The design moves away from SALA’s signature brushstroke logo of the past seven years to something more contemporary and representative.

“The old logo referenced brushstrokes and painting is usually the first thing people think of with visual arts, so, we wanted to move away from that to something which could also speak to the diversity of practice within the visual arts,” Moskwa says. “We wanted to evolve the brand to reflect a more contemporary look that was also not prescriptive about medium.”

Kate Moskwa (Photo: Sia Duff)

Moskwa, who took over as CEO from Penny Griggs in October last year, says she wants the logo to broadcast that “SALA is an innovative and inclusive platform for artists to connect with audiences”.

“SALA has always been a wonderfully inclusive festival and has seen extraordinary growth over the years,” Moskwa says. “We already have the love and support of South Australians, with SALA events taking place across the entire state, so one of my goals is to share our incredible artistic talent beyond the state to national and international audiences. I would also love to provide opportunities for audiences to engage with visual art in deeper and more meaningful ways.”

A new SALA website will launch soon, until then, artists and venue operators can register their 2019 exhibitions on SALA’s current website. Registrations will close on Monday, May 13 with Moskwa saying they’ve had plenty of interest so far.

“We encourage people to begin their registration sooner rather than later to allow for any questions that might come up during this process – especially for first-timers,” she says.

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