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Adelaide exhibition guide: August 2019

Adelaide exhibition guide: August 2019

Adelaide Review arts writer Jane Llewellyn surveys South Australia’s exhibitions landscape for the month of August.

Tsering Hannaford: Self

Until August 31

Created in response to the Robert Burns poem, To a Louse which includes the line, ‘Oh, would some Power give us the gift, To see ourselves as others see us’, Tsering Hannaford’s new works explore preoccupations of the self. The exhibition features sculptural objects placed within black boxes containing mirrors which are positioned so an image of the object repeats over and over again, a comment on society and our obsession with self-image. “They look at my thoughts about how women are encouraged to place undue emphasis on the self, which I have found to be a distraction from focusing on what’s important outside oneself,” says Hannaford.

Tsering Hannaford, Self installation view

Other works offer an alternative perception and perspective on portraiture and images of the self. “My previous self portraits are displayed hung upside down and small sketches from various sketch books have been scaled up from floor to ceiling on the gallery walls.”

Alessia Faccini: Creatures of Art
Colonist Tavern

Until August 31

Alessia Faccini’s exhibition, Creatures of Art at the Colonist Tavern embodies what the SALA Festival is all about. This is Faccini’s first exhibition and while she drew a lot when she was young she only picked it up again and started producing work seriously 6 months ago. Now she says, “I basically spend all my waking hours drawing or trying to improve. Once I start I can’t stop”. Her black and white pencil drawings of animals including elephants, kangaroos, highland cows, koala bears as well as people’s pet dogs, focus on colour values such as depth and light.

Alessia Faccini, Lion King and Queen

“I love the simplicity of a black and white picture but I want to explore different techniques of drawing within each piece. For example a furry koala bear needs an entirely different technique to a highland cow.” Faccini’s Lion King and Lion Queen are standouts amongst the 30 odd pieces on display and show her excellent use of texture.

James Dodd: Motion
Hahndorf Academy

August 8 – September 15

James Dodd’s Painting Mill project has seen a range of outcomes and presentations over recent years. Motion continues Dodd’s explorations, featuring a selection of recent paintings created using the Mill which was designed by Dodd, alongside a number of contraptions that are part sculpture, part tool and part performance prop including Dodd’s latest version of the Painting Mill machine.

James Dodd, Limey Sorbet

“I have been testing a range of new approaches, colour ways and nuances and this exhibition is a chance for me to present these recent investigations as a group and consider them.” Dodd will also be offering a workshop exploring the idea of using machines to make art.

‘Making machines that make art!’ kids workshop with James Dodd
Saturday August 17, details here.

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