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In pictures:
Nature Photographer of the Year 2020 shortlist

Moonscape by Julie Fletcher (Landscape)
Resin by Dharshini Devasagayam (Botanical)
Playtime by Alex V.J. Steffé (Monochrome)
Incidental Art by Jarrad Parker (Our Impact)
Flight of the Penguins by Andrew Dickman (Animal Behaviour)
Shake Your Tail Feather by Matty Smith (Animal Behaviour)
Fatal Attraction by Doug Gimesy (Animal Behaviour)
Leatherback Smile by Jason Isley (Threatened Species)
Lone Emperor by Justin Gilligan (Animal Habitat)
Border Fire Mt Barney by Ben Blanche
Torn Earth by Mat Beeston (Landscape)
Blue Dragon by Steven Manolakis (Landscape)
Gondwanan Link by Nick Monk (Botanical)
The Smallest Possum by Jannico Kelk (Animal Portrait)
Firestorm by Raoul Slater (Animal Habitat)

The South Australian Museum has revealed the 2020 shortlist for the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year competition, capturing a vivid array of natural life from around Australia and its surrounding regions.

Encompassing 10 categories ranging from Animal Behaviour, Animal Habitat, Threatened Species and Botanical to Landscape and Monochrome, this year’s shortlist has been drawn from 1796 entries submitted from 13 countries.

Notable local entries include Moonscape, a striking aerial photograph of Lake Eyre by Julie Fletcher, Dharshini Devasagayam’s shot of acacia tree sap in Belair National Park illuminated by evening light, and Flight of the Penguins by South Australian photographer Andrew Dickman, which captures a pair of Gentoo Penguins surfacing near Jougla Point on the Antarctic Peninsula.

“Each year we are blown away by the talent of the photographers as they meticulously capture moments in time from vast landscapes to wombats strolling through the snow,” South Australian Museum director Brian Oldman says of the competition.

The overall winner and individual category winners will be announced on 27 August, with the South Australian Museum’s annual exhibition to open from Friday 28 August until Sunday 15 August. The Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year competition is produced by the South Australian Museum.

We’ve picked a handful of highlights from this year’s shortlist – the full pool of finalists can be viewed at the South Australian Museum’s website.

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