Helpmann Academy Graduate Award Winners

The 2016 Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition has officially opened at the Torrens Parade Ground Drill Hall, with nine emerging artists having received more than $23,000 in awards on opening night.

The exhibition features the work of 39 artists selected from the 168 graduates of the Helpmann Academy’s visual arts partners: TAFE SA’s College of the Arts, the UniSA School of Art, Architecture & Design and the Adelaide Central School of Art.


Emmaline Zanelli from the Adelaide College of the Arts was awarded the largest prize of the evening, the Watson Award, which will see her photographic and sculptural work acquired to become part of The Watson’s prestigious collection for $7500.

helpmann-academy-graduate-awards-adelaide-review-2016-emmaline-zanelli Emmaline Zanelli, Please Touch, Image courtesy of the artist

  Jane Skeer of the Adelaide Central School of art won The Hill Smith Gallery/Helpmann Academy Friends Award for her installation, Quiet Square.

helpmann-academy-graduate-awards-adelaide-review-2016-jane-skeer Jane Skeer, Quiet Square, Photograph by James Edwards (Courtesy of Adelaide Central School of Art)

  Adelaide College of the Arts graduate Jack Ladd won The Raffen Award for his sculptural protest, Experiments in Nuclear Flower #1

helpmann-academy-graduate-awards-adelaide-review-2016-jack-ladd Jack Ladd, Experiments in Nuclear Flower #1 (detail), Photograph by Jasmine Van Der Byl

  UniSA graduate and glass artist Cara Pearson won The City Rural Award for excellence for her piece, Degenerative Failure.

helpmann-academy-graduate-awards-adelaide-review-2016-cara-pearson Cara Pearson, Degenerative Failure (detail), Photograph by Jasmine Van Der Byl

  Tara O’conal from the Adelaide Central School of art picked up the CACSA Emerging Artist Award for a video installation piece.

helpmann-academy-graduate-awards-adelaide-review-2016-tara-oconal Tara O’conal, Untitled, Image courtesy of the artist

  Adelaide Central School of Art Graduate Luke Wilcox won The SALA Festival Award and the Royal South Australian Society of Arts Award for his performance art piece.

helpmann-academy-graduate-awards-adelaide-review-2016-luke-wilcox Luke Wilcox, Dancing on Purpose, Image courtesy of the artist

  UniSA graduate and jeweller, Joshua Stocker, won The David Hayden Professional Development award for his work, The Universe Around Me.

helpmann-academy-graduate-awards-adelaide-review-2016-david-hayden Joshua Stocker, The Universe Around Me (detail), Photograph by Jasmine Van Der Byl

  The Peter Walker Fine Art Encouragement Award went to Adelaide Central School of Art graduate Timmi Tsapaliaris for her video projection work car wash #2.

helpmann-academy-graduate-awards-adelaide-review-2016-timmi-tsapaliaris Timmi Tsapaliaris, car wash #2, Image courtesy of the artist

  Adelaide Central School of Art graduate Jonathon George won The Backers’ Prize.

helpmann-academy-graduate-awards-adelaide-review-2016-jonathon-george Jonathan George, The Thinking Hand IV, Photograph by Jasmine Van Der Byl

  The 2016 Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition Drill Hall, Torrens Parade Ground, Victoria Drive, Adelaide Friday, 12 February to Sunday, March 6 10:30am to 4:30pm daily Hero Image: 2016 Award Winning Artists, from left to right: Emmaline Zanelli, Jonathan George, Jane Skeer, Luke Wilcox, Timmi Tsapaliaris, Joshua Stocker and Cara Pearson. Photo by Russell Millard

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