Current Issue #488

Local Gig Guide

Sia Duff

Wednesday, 9 September

Governor Hindmarsh | Uke Night (7pm)
Torrens Arms | Trivia Wednesday (7pm)
Tonsley Hotel | Tonsley Trivia (7pm)

Thursday, 10 September

Governor Hindmarsh | The House Rockers and The Gumbo Room (8pm) Variety Big Bash: Show 1 (7.30pm)
Wheatsheaf Hotel | SCALA – FOOM Song Competition Heat 4 (7pm) Tickets

Friday, 11 September

Governor Hindmarsh | Front Bar: Friday Free For All: Open Mic (8pm)
Governor Hindmarsh | Main: The Red Skull… And Acoustic for All (7.30pm
Governor Hindmarsh | Corner Acoustics with Jamie Andrew & Jess Foenander (8pm)
Jive | LHW Single Launch (8pm)
Wheatsheaf Hotel | Catherine Britt’s Bush Pubs Tour with Special Guest Melody Moko (7.30pm)

Saturday, 12 September

Fat Controller | Fat Controller Saturdays (9pm)
Governor Hindmarsh | Front Bar: Rockplay (8pm)
Governor Hindmarsh | Main Stage: John Schumann and The Vagabond Crew (7.30pm)
Jive | Bromham Album Launch w/ Saint Jacques and Burjon (7.30pm)
Wheatsheaf Hotel | Thom Lion Single Launch + Orelia (8pm)

Sunday, 13 September

Governor Hindmarsh | Front Bar: Gotcha Kovered (4pm)
Governor Hindmarsh| Main: Dave Gleeson and Crafty (2.30pm) Tickets
Governor Hindmarsh | Tom West Album Launch (6.30pm)
Wheatsheaf Hotel | Jen Lush Band + Rosie Roberts & Ben Lovell (4pm)

Start 1 January 2020
End 1 July 2021

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Never miss an event! Get our Event Guide in your inbox