Current Issue #488

Space Jams

Jack Fenby
Dates 25–26 April 2020
Time 1:00 pm – 11:30 pm
Venue The Internet
Cost Free

A deep, deep lineup of South Australian acts will take to Instagram this weekend for Space Jams, a virtual festival livestreamed from each act’s home.

Featuring sprawling garage rock outfit West Thebarton (for whom social distancing measures may prove a fascinating challenge) along with Alana Jagt, Teenage Joans, Ollie English and Wolfjay, this ten-hour long marathon is perhaps the best thing South Australian music fans can hope for until local venues are able to reopen.

Space Jams lineup

1:00pm: Ryan Martin John
1:20pm: Supercain
1:40pm: Baby Mo
2:00pm: LR Marsh
2:20pm: Jimmy Bay
2:40pm: KK & The Joyboy
3:00pm: Oscar The Wild
3:20pm: Don’t Bring Stacey
3:40pm: Busseys
4:20pm: Wanderers
4:40pm: Aude Tace
5:00pm: Superdose Gangway
5:20pm: Madura Green (solo)
5:40pm: Blush Response (solo)
6:00pm: Silena
6:20pm: Alana Jagt
6:40pm: Ukulele Death Squad
7:00pm: Tom West
7:20pm: Mum Thinks Blue
7:40pm: Soda
8:00pm: Wolfjay
8:20pm: My Chérie
8:40pm: Teenage Joans
9:00pm: West Thebarton
9:20pm: Ollie English
9:40pm: Eric Tooch Santucci
10:00pm: Stefan Hauk
10:20pm: Lesley Williams
10:40pm: Going Steady DJs

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