Current Issue #488

2 Cats Drove Into The Cuckoo’s Nest

Start 17 February 2020
End 26 February 2020
Venue The Historian Hotel Directions
Cost From $25
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After a great 2019 with 2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof, the cats are back with a new show that’s full of cheek and surprises and plenty of candid video featuring celebrities that you won’t see anywhere else.

We see celebrities on stage and sometimes snapped while at the beach, but what are they like in the privacy of the limo as they go to and from their concerts and official appearances?

One man knows the answer: Ralf Hadzic.

For the past few decades, Ralf has been the driver and confidante to most of the big stars who’ve visited Adelaide, from Roy Orbison and Kenny Rogers to Pink and Beyonce.

And in this tell-all Fringe show, Ralf and his comedic sidekick, Steve Davis, will shine the spotlight on celebrities in the back seat.

There’ll be tall tales and true stories about many household names; some beautiful people and some with souls as dark as sin itself.

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