Current Issue #488

Playwriting Australia:
Dear Australia - Postcards to the Nation

Dates 2–5 July 2020
Time 6:30 pm
Venue The internet

Playwriting Australia has invited 25 theatre organisations from across Australia – including Windmill Theatre Co, South Australian Playwrights Theatre and Brink Productions – to nominate two playwrights to take part in Dear Australia – Postcards to the Nation, a digital program of ’50 fearless and inspiring works’ responding to Australia in the COVID-19 crisis.

Each of these 50 playwrights – including Nakkiah Lui, Elena Carapetis and Ellen van Neerven – penned a short monologue reflecting on the last few months and its effect on the nation, which have then been filmed and performed by 50 actors from around the country – including South Australia’s Elaine Crombie and Pontsho Nthupi.

These ‘postcards’ will be livestreamed over three nights on Facebook and Playwriting Australia’s YouTube channel.

Performance times:

Thursday 2 July, 6.30pm (SA time)
Friday 3 July, 6.30pm (SA time)
Sunday 5 July, 4.30pm (SA time)

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