People Make the World Go Round for Scope Global

Previously known as Austraining International, Scope Global changed its name in 2013 and is a far cry from the small training company that began in 1991 with around six staff.

Currently employing more than 100 staff in its Adelaide head office, Scope Global engages around 200 personnel across 18 countries with eight regional offices in the Asia Pacific that deliver international development and education with people-focussed programs.

Scope Global defines their company thusly: “We consider ourselves as agents of change: helping people to positively change their world by facilitating international volunteer, study and professional development opportunities and assisting governments and communities to improve the lives of their citizens and members.”


Some of Scope Global’s clients include Federal Government departments and worldwide donor entities in international development, aid and education. Organisations such as the Asia Development Bank, the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Department of Education procure commercial contracts, which are often tendered on the open market. These contracts can be competitively bid for by organisations all over the world.

Christine Molitor joined Scope Global in 2011 and became CEO in January of this year. Since then, Scope Global has implemented a full executive portfolio restructure. They have reshaped and refocused their strategy and restructured their Indonesian operations, simplifying the structure so that all staff know and can see what they do and how their efforts make a difference.


“We employ great people in Adelaide and offshore, and we subcontract many others, and through all of those threads, all of those people influence the lives of the people impacted by the programs,” Molitor says.

“For example, one of our programs in the Philippines with the Asia Development Bank (ADB) is all about helping long-term youth unemployment. It’s a long-term project, funded by the ADB to help Job Start Programs in very disadvantaged regions in the Philippines. It’s amazing to think how much of a difference we are making.”

Molitor says business on an international scale can be incredibly complex and to be successful it comes down to the right people.

“You can have the best systems in the world and we have great external suppliers in the form of legal and regulatory advice, but if you don’t have the right positions and the right people in those positions, then you’re going to be navigating some difficult waters.”


As a Pty Ltd company, Scope Global’s only shareholder is the South Australian Government with the company operating as a full commercial company with scope to direct their strategy and operations.

“We have the ownership structure which gives us credibility oversees,” Molitor says.

“It’s a unique trade off. We have independence to operate within our own vision and mission.” This article is sponsored by   Bentleys_Master_REV 2.2 x 0.94

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