Coffee Review: Tell Henry

If you’re planning on building a house, buying some unique Australian art, creating a brand for your business and getting a great coffee, there’s only one location you need to go: Tell Henry, as the Kent Town coffee boutique is pioneering the share-space trend by having many businesses on location.

With a see through mesh-like wall, Tell Henry shares the space with a communications agency called Rodeo, which takes care of creative design with all forms of media marketing. Though an open door near the entry is the head office of Worth Gallery; run by Amy Sierp-Worth who represents a diverse and impressive collection of leading Australian artists. Lucent Constructions (custom builders) are only a few steps away from the co ffee machine and fresh food. Tell Henry’s owner Brad Bonar has more than 20 years’ experience in the hospitality industry and has found a great team to complement this. A good barista should be able to make co ffee and still communicate with a customer simultaneously. Tell Henry’s barista Isabella Till greets me when I walks in and is happy to chat about co ffee while taking on a small rush of orders. She explains how they rotate di fferent single origin beans that leads to having to tweak and adjust the espresso machine and grinder, so the co ffee is always at its optimum. Tell-Henry-Coffee-Review-Adelaide-Review-Derek-Crozier-2016-ristretto They use a La Marzocco Linea Espresso Machine, cold drip, Aero Press and gold mesh filter to prepare your co ffee from Industry Beans in Melbourne. Bonar tells me how the owner of Industry Beans, Steve Simmons, has been supportive of Tell Henry right from the beginning, traveling to Adelaide to meet the team to go through some specialised training and tasting. Tell Henry’s point of di fference is serving all shots as ristrettos or double ristrettos, which are espresso shots that use the same amount of ground co ffee as an espresso but only half the water to produce a more concentrated flavour and taste. A place with passionate baristas and serious equipment for them to play on is a perfect mixture for a quality co ffee to enjoy while on this side of town. The name Tell Henry is a positive spin on a song that Bob Dylan wrote called Don’t Ya Tell Henry but you de finitely will want to tell everyone about this co ffee boutique. Tell Henry 20 The Parade West, Kent Town

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