Pure Boutique Coffee Bar

Pure Boutique Coffee Bar is the go to place in Glenelg for coffee at almost any time of the day or night.

They boast a bar and restaurant to give the customer a complete boutique experience in the one great location. Open until late, this means you can have a high quality coffee experience before enjoying a late caffeinated night out. It was great to experience a friendly, well educated barista behind the machine. He went through all the different beans, blends and brands they had on offer and recommend I try the Colombian Finca Tamana for my espresso. The aroma was sweet and the crema was golden brown. Normally Colombian coffee is sharp and full-bodied but the Finca Tamana produces a unique light taste that has a berry/sultana flavor normally found in Ethiopian coffee. The latte was a blend called Harvest by Five Senses, which consisted of beans from Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica. It was presented with a symmetrical Rosetta leaf as the latte art and the Costa Rican zing was prevalent with the fi rst sip. It had a zesty after taste that lingered in the mouth with the Tweedvale milk, which wasn’t too creamy for the blend. Pure Boutique Coffee Bar uses and rotates different coffee suppliers from all over Australia, which is a definite point of difference but they assure me that the consistency will always be there with every visit. It lives up to its pure and boutique title. Pure Boutique Coffee Bar 34 Jetty Rd Glenelg 8294 2410

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