Hawker Street Cafe

Over the years, I would pop in to Hawker Street Cafe from time to time and, once again, I found myself in need of coffee while in the Bowden precinct.

Walking in, the owner (Michael) surprises me by greeting me by my name and remembering my usual coffee order. Like visiting family, it felt as if no time had passed and we just picked up where we left off. Unlike other cafes and restaurants, which have preparation areas behind closed doors, Hawker Street Cafe has an open-plan kitchen/dining room, so you can see everything being made and the amount of love that’s going into it. You feel like you’re at a friend’s house where you can place your order and walk alongside the kitchen to access the ample seating at the back. The barista is happy to talk about coffee and suggests I try an espresso made from a blend by Five Senses called Harvest, which consists of beans from Costa Rica and Tanzania. It has citrus notes on the nose followed by a chocolate flavour and a natural sweetness all the way through to the last sip. I’ve been told about a regular local that brings his friendly husky along, so I make my way out to the back seating area and guess who is there waiting for a scratch behind the ear? Before I can sit down, Michael, who is happy to stop for a chat, delivers the second espresso I order. He tells me how he used to work in construction and would see the cafe each day on his way home from work. When he saw that it was up for sale, Michael and wife (Hilda) visited the venue and knew straight away that it was an opportunity. They had a strong local following right from the beginning and that has continued to grow over the last six years. Michael and Hilda have certain dietary requirements and decided to incorporate their own food interests into the diverse menu. They use locally sourced produce and try to cater for each individual with their vegetarian and vegan options. They offer a range of different milks and many fresh juice choices. If you’re looking for a great spot for brunch, Hawker Street Cafe is open on the weekend and has plenty of parking to accommodate the masses. When you visit this place, make sure to turn your phone on silent, sit back and enjoy the friendly atmosphere complemented with great food, coffee and service. Hawker Street Cafe 22 Hawker St, Bowden facebook.com/pages/Hawker-Street-Cafe

Adelaide In-depth

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