Fork on the Road at The Depot

The food truck phenomenon has swept Adelaide with the same force as a Mack truck powering through the Dukes Highway. Today (Friday, February 8) a convoy of food trucks has descended on The Depot for the first Fork on the Road event for 2013.

Today’s Fork on the Road marks the first time that a lunch menu (11.30am to 2.30pm) will be backed up by a dinnertime soiree (5pm to 9.30pm). New Fringe hot spot The Depot is hosting the Fork on the Road gathering, which celebrates the budding food truck culture in Adelaide with mobile kitchens such as Burger Theory, La Cantina Co and TacoCat among the more than 30 food trucks present. It’s an excuse to enjoy the food trucks and their delicious creations all at the one place at the one time. Multiple tastings are mandatory! So if you feel like tempting those taste buds on your lunch break or are hungry for a Friday night feast, head to The Depot for some food truck fun. Fork on the Road Lunch: 11.30am – 2.30pm Dinner: 5pm – 9.30pm 111 Franklin Street, Adelaide A full list of food trucks is as follows 1. Burger Theory 2. Four Seeds 3. Conscious Lifestyles 4. La Cantina Co. 5. Sneaky Pickle 6. The Little Van That Could 7. Party in a Box 8. TacoCat 9. LocaPops 10. Chimichurri Grill 11. Let them Eat 12. Giro Gelato 13. Simon Bryant 14. ChurrOz 15. America’s Top Dog 16. Craftea and Cake 17. WienerBago 18. YiaYias 19. Phat Buddha Rolls 20. Los Compadres 21. Juice Junkies 22. BBQ on Wheels 23. Bodri’s Chimney Cake Station 24. Raw Thirst 25. Hornet Foods 26. The Sausage King 27. Golden Creamy Puffs 28. Adelaide Famous Lemonade Stand 29. Lucky 8 30. Food Cart Company 31. The Macaron Man/The Picky Finger 32. Cupcakes Please 33. Mischief Brew 34. All Fired Up Wood Oven Pizza

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