Rare Treat: Summer Veg and Nduja Dressing

Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. This month’s recipe is quick and easy yet utterly delicious and is perfect as a side, an entree or on its own.

S U M M E R    V E G    A N D    N D U J A    D R E S S I N G Ingredients: – 1kg young vegetables, trimmed-up however you like – 500g nduja – 100mL white balsamic – 100mL white soy Method: [1] Break nduja up in pan. Stir until dissolved. [2] Take off the heat. Add soy and vinegar and stir until sauce comes together. [3] Pour sauce into a bowl and serve with young veg. Super simple.

B O O Z E    M A T C H Merlot and fresh veg aren’t conventional friends, but they work. Known for his more delicate pinot noirs, Gareth Belton has branched out to the heavier end of the wine spectrum and produced his 2015 Norton Summit Merlot under his G. Belton label. It works with this dish lightly chilled, with enough fruit-drive and healthy acidity to keep it bright with a solid body to keep it grounded. rare-treat-adelaide-review-summer-veg-duncan-welgemoed-africola

M U S I C    M A T C H In the vein of parings that don’t make sense, Shugo Tokumaru’s album In Focus? should help to boost your dissonance. Tokumaru supplies all of the noise for the album on his own. Multi-instrumental and multi-talented, Tokumaru should make you feel equal parts inadequate, confused, and elated. Read Duncan’s ‘Vaguely Vegan’ column, where he recounts a month spent on a vegan diet. @GastroPunkOz africola.com.au

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