MusicSA’s Hot 100 Wines Playlists

As part of this year’s Hot 100 Wines judging process, Music SA has been given the opportunity to pair local wine with local music through the curation of playlists.

Music SA is a proudly South Australian not-for-profit company that develops, supports and promotes local original contemporary musicians, audiences and the industry.

We have access to an artist directory comprising over 900 professional SA acts across diverse genres and our finger is on the pulse in terms of being able to recommend edgy and appealing artists of a superior quality, suitable for the finesse of such an important event as the Hot 100 Wines.

As part of this year’s Hot 100 Wines judging process, Music SA has been given the opportunity to pair local wine with local music through the curation of playlists. When wine and music share the same intrinsic mood they  complement each other and work in harmony like instruments in a band or orchestra.

Music SA’s job is to present outstanding quality playlists for each of the regional based wine style categories.  And of course seven special songs to go with the top wines. Our approach involved selecting artists whose genre of songwriting and instrumentation reflected the cultural and aesthetic attributes of each region. For example Adelaide Hills evoked folky forests and wintery classics while the Fleurieu region conjured music that was more upbeat, vibrant and beachy.

There is an abundance of talented musicians throughout South Australia, many of whom are recording and performing nationally and internationally.  Just like the wine industry, the music industry is about quality exportable products. When you drink wine, you rarely enjoy it on its own, there is the obvious delicious pairing of food but also the important auditory sensation of music that reinforces your enjoyment of wine.

Whether it be combining the comfortable and nostalgic appeal of rock music with the power and grace of a shiraz that will rattle your bones, or perhaps it’s listening to jazz that is technical and full of improvisation as you drink pinot noir that riffs on the classics, with deep notes that linger.

Maybe it’s a fortified wine that you can enjoy in front of an open fire as part of a winter time live music show at a local pub.

The point is this – wine, food and music are the holy cultural trinity and Music SA is honoured to be a part of this exciting project.  Enjoy the playlists!

Adelaide Hills Playlist

Barossa Valley

Clare Valley and Southern Flinders Ranges

Coonawarra and The South East

Eden Valley


Mclaren Vale, Fleurieau Peninsula