Wine Review: A ‘bloomin’ delicious’ Seppeltsfield Grenache

Bursting with fruit this 2017 vintage of Grenache from the hallowed Seppeltsfield is as good as its label would have you think, writes Dave Brookes.

seppeltsfield-grenache-wine-adelaide-review-2Seppeltsfield is ace. If you haven’t visited their mothership in the western Barossa, just do it. It is one of Australia’s great winery visits. Also, this packaging looks slick. I mean, is it new? I think so. With a sharp-looking label and sexy stelvin closure that would possibly even tempt those luddite Europeans to embrace a superior wine closure, it looks great.

Yeah, I like Grenache. Y’all know that already, so please allow me some leeway. There is nothing better, when I stick my battered schnozz into a glass of wine, than a cascade of pure, spicy Grenache fruit. It cleanses the soul and gives the weary that extra burst of hope at the end of an arduous day.

This Grenache is made in the joven style. Say “ho-ven” and your wine buddies won’t look at you funny. It’s a Spanish wine term meaning “young wine” and generally indicates that the wine is from the current vintage, more often aged without (or with very little) oak. It also generally indicates it will be bloomin’ delicious and bursting with super-fresh pure fruit and that’s just the way I like it.

Vibrant, juicy fruit characters of plum and macerated summer berry fruits with hints of ginger and spice… hang on, instead of the usual raft of fruit salad descriptors, I’ll just tell you why it is ace: A) it is medium-bodied, vibrant and delicious, B) you can pop it in the fridge to take the edge off and C) it is wonderful value.

SEPPELTSFIELD 2017 Barossa Grenache

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