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Cheese Matters: CheeseFest 2013

Cheese Matters: CheeseFest 2013

CheeseFest – Australia’s Biggest Cheese Festival

Rymill Park (Murlawirrapurka) will again come alive with the aroma of cheese, as we celebrate the eighth annual CheeseFest. Two days of gastronomic goodness where cheese lovers can stuff themselves full of all the different styles of cheese on offer.

Some 60 stalls will assemble in the picturesque city park. Earning a reputation not only with cheese lovers, but foodies in general, CheeseFest promises to deliver a gastronomic buzz with cheese at its very core. As Director and Founder of the event it has been an incredible journey to watch this entertaining, positive and wholesome festival grow over the years. As a South Australian Ambassador of Premium Food and Wine from our Clean Environment, this festival allows me to engage in all things South Australian by bringing the regions into the city. Cheese makers, wine makers, brewers, restaurants chefs and the community all come together – primarily for the cheese.

A selection of cheese makers from across Australia will present cheeses made from cow, goat, sheep and buffalo milk during the two-day festival. The cheese makers will be on hand to talk about the different styles, how they are made and how to serve them.

Whether it is a stinky washed rind, oozy Brie or Camembert, pungent blue or soft, creamy mozzarella you will be sure to find them all at CheeseFest.

We are very excited to announce several new features this year. A five-course degustation lunch will be served in The Premium Pavilion, proudly brought to you by major sponsor Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA), in support of the State Government’s strategic priority Premium Food and Wine from our Clean Environment. Chefs Nigel Rich (The Elbow Room) and Brendan Bell (The Kings Hotel) will be preparing dishes using South Australian produce.

Bell will serve poached local prawns on shaved fennel with lemon zest, chilli, apple and mint as one of the courses. Rich, on the other hand, fancies Knickerbocker glory as his irresistible dessert, featuring honeycomb, roasted rhubarb, vanilla goat milk ice cream, chocolate brownie, fresh berries, blood orange sorbet and caramelised yoghurt. One of the courses will be a selection of South Australian cheeses chosen by Premier Jay Weatherill, who will officially open CheeseFest on Saturday, October 26.

Those of you who remember the ‘fondue party’ years will take some delight in our Foodland Funky Fondue Lounge. Themed in that delightful fondue era, we offer three sessions each day. Designed for pairs, you can choose from cheese or chocolate fondue and a range of delicious dunking delights, including Spring Gully gherkins, locally grown fruit and veggies and Beerenberg strawberries for the chocolate fondue.

The Indian Pacific Cheese Train offers a selection of cheese from participating cheese makers. Forget the sushi train – this is the real deal. Each cheese maker has chosen one cheese from their range to be offered exclusively on the cheese train to be paired with their favourite accompaniment. Blue cheese and honey, fresh ricotta with basil and tomato, and manchego with sticky figs just to name a few. Our very impressive locomotive will be on track to bring you cheese in a unique way.

Talk of the Town Pavilion will host cheese maker talks free for all to attend. Listen to the stories of these talented producers as they guide you through their journey of cheese making; how to match cheese with wine (or beer), how to serve, store and buy cheese, among other insights. They will also be taking questions – a great opportunity to learn from the experts themselves.

Just in case I haven’t convinced you here is a word from our patron, celebrity chef and fellow South Australian Food Ambassador, Simon Bryant:

“What a long way we have come in a short time. Thanks to a passionate mob of producers, a strong influence of migratory skills and expertise, great pasture for our cows, goats and sheep under the care of fantastic dairy farmers. We have become world-class cheese producers here in South Australia. CheeseFest is a celebration of just how fantastic our little patch of the world really is, whether you like it soft, hard, stinky, blue… or in my case all of the above.”

Kris Lloyd is Woodside Cheese Wrights’ Head Cheese Maker

Saturday, October 26 to Sunday, October 27


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