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Last Drinks: Supermild liquidated, closes immediately

Last Drinks: Supermild liquidated, closes immediately

Late night venue Supermild has permanently closed, with liquidators visiting the site yesterday afternoon, says its owner Sam Lisy.

“Supermild is no more” read a post to the venue’s Facebook page this morning, when Lisy announced her business had been put into liquidation.

Sam Lisy tells The Adelaide Review that the end of Supermild was brought to a head by “an outstanding debt to a government agency” and that the decision was made yesterday in a court appointment to which she was running late.

“I literally was a few minutes late to court yesterday,” Lisy says. “I was a few minutes late because I’m a single mother with three children. It was bad weather yesterday and I drove from Woodcroft into the city. I wasn’t even 15 minutes late but they heard it without me, and they made a ruling to wind up my company.

“The liquidators came in yesterday afternoon and they’re done. That’s pretty much it.”


Supermild only recently completed a shift from its original location toward the west of Hindley Street mid-2016. It had been in that location for “about 20 years” says Lisy, under the control of various owners, and came under her ownership 12 years ago.

Asked whether costs associated with licensing or lost revenue due to lock out laws had contributed to Supermild’s sudden end, Lisy says that financial difficulties began when the venue shifted.

“It was having to move when we did,” she says. “It was a massive risk. I didn’t have enough capital behind me really to cover the costs of the move. It was so much more expensive and complicated than I ever thought it was going to be.”

Lisy says she hopes people will remember the good times had at the venue, and is sorry to have it close so quickly.

“I’m so sorry,” she says. “Just so sorry. I tried everything I could. I know we’ve touched a lot of lives over the years and I’m just gutted. So gutted, but it is what it is.”


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