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A New Era for Hot 100 Wines

A New Era for Hot 100 Wines

Hot 100 Wines welcomes a new chief judge and chief steward with winemaker Peter Dredge and wine distributor Mark Reginato taking the reins from Banjo Harris Plane and Trevor Maskell.

Both Dredge and Reginato have history with the wine show. Dredge was a judge in 2013, when James Erskine was chief judge, while Reginato was first involved with the Hot 100 as a guest in 2010. Both men were involved in this year’s wine show, as a judge and steward respectively. Dredge, of Dr Edge and Brian Wine, is originally from South Australia but has been based in Tasmania for the last seven years.

Peter Dredge

“I’ve liked nothing more than watching the success of South Australian wine from Tasmania over the last seven years,” Dredge says.

“When I left for a job opportunity in Tasmania (a 12-month contract at the time), SA was still suffering from an oversupply of grapes and the resultant industry downturn. The rise and recovery of all regions with wines from both boutique and large wineries through innovation and a more realistic approach to scale of production has been great to see. I believe I can bring a fresh, or better yet, refreshed perspective to the show. I’m passionate, patriotic and can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.”

With close to 10 years of wine show experience on the national circuit, Dredge says the Hot 100 is his favourite wine show. He says he’ll continue the path that been beaten over the last decade by “encouraging our team to judge purely on style, drinkability and/or wines that are most quaffable”.

“We’ll continue to judge without knowing the varieties or the age of the wines, so that awards are given to wines without prejudice of personal preference or pre-conceived ideas about varieties,” he says.

“That is what makes the show unique and I won’t be looking to change that.”

Mark Reginato

Reginato was first involved with the Hot 100 during the early days of his wine distribution company Connect Vines. He believes the show and his company chase the same dream: “to bring something new, fresh and exciting to the table – to push the envelope.”

“2017 and beyond, with Peter Dredge, brings a great opportunity to adapt some new ideas, but still pay homage to those who have helped build the program along the way to be such a great publication/event,” Reginato says.

Reginato believes the Hot 100 paves a small path to the future of South Australia’s hospitality industry.

“Hospitality has always been very strong in the state, but we are still building to hopefully become a Mecca for wine, food, travel and hospitality. Hot 100 helps us realise that it’s not about being technical all the time, but remembering how to enjoy life – even if you are on a serious quest.”

Hot 100’s Project Manager Tamrah Petruzzelli says Dredge and Reginato are a “dream team”.

“Their passionate and creative personalities will drive the show forward in years to come. I am looking forward to ruffling a few more feathers and pushing the envelope with them.”


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