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Wine Review: Spicy Mataro from Schwarz Wine Co

Wine Review: Spicy Mataro from Schwarz Wine Co

The 2015 rendition of this gorgeous, slurpy little Barossan beauty slid effortlessly into the top 10 of this year’s Hot 100 Wines. This, the newly released 2016 model, also peaks the drinkability meter and will provide much enjoyment over the summer months.


Mourvedre, Monastrell or, as we call it in this neck of the woods, Mataro, is a sexy little beast. All too often in the past it was blended away, part of the famous GSM phenomena you see, but considering the incredible stock of old Mataro vines we have here in South Australia, that seems a bit silly and it’s nice to see so many proud, straight Mataros now gracing shelves in wine stores and appearing on wine lists.

Hand–picked with wild yeast and some whole bunches in the ferment, it’s a wild–eyed little thing that possesses an uncanny ability to convince you to keep refilling your glass. Don’t be afraid to pop it in the fridge to take the edge off on a hot day (we do tend to drink our wines too warm considering our weather patterns).

It is vibrant red/purple in the glass with juicy aromas of plums and dark summer berry fruits along with higher tones of macerated raspberries and red cherry. It’s deeply dredged with spice and you’ll find hints of violets, roasting meats, freshly turned earth, dark chocolate and cocoa powder.

There is a lovely purity to the fruit on the palate, glossy, vibrant and perfumed. It’s definitely at the lighter end of medium–bodied but that is just perfect for this ravenous wine–drinker.

Fruit–packed, spicy and bright with plenty of character, it should be the wine you grab as you light the barbie.

SCHWARZ WINE CO 2016 Meta Mataro

Header image: Jason Schwarz of Schwarz Wine Co (Photo: Jonathan van der Knaap)


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