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A subterranean supper to remember

A subterranean supper to remember

Barossa’s new wave will showcase the gastronomic revolution fomenting north of Adelaide at Subterranean Supper Club, a highlight event of the upcoming Barossa Gourmet Weekend.

The ‘Barossa Underground’ are the brains behind the Subterranean Supper Club, and like any good ‘underground’ of times gone by, their goal is to subvert the status quo. The event sees Barossa winemakers Arno Wine Co., The Mysterious Mr Black and Geyer Wine Co. team up with the Colombian Barossan eatery El Estanco to deliver a Barossa feast with a difference.

“The food will be fine-tuned to the unique wines that will be presented with the chefs presenting locally-sourced and exceptional cuisine all cooked over fire,” says El Estanco’s Abby Osborne. “We are going back to our roots.”

On the subject of roots, Osborne is asked just what the present-day ‘Barossa Underground’ represents.  She says it’s a collection of like-minded individuals “who like to enthral their clients with out-of-the-norm produce, delicious wine and banter.”

The Mysterious Mr Black is one third of the wine crew pouring at Subterranean Supper Club

Indeed, the crew behind the Subterranean Supper Club are all friends, having cooked up the idea for this event as part of the Barossa Gourmet Weekend in their regular meetings at El Estanco.

“We want our guests to feel as at home in Barossa as we do,” says Arno Wine Co’s Ruby Stobart, “at our shared table, feasting on Latin fare from El Estanco, enjoying wines from three new-gen producers who care where their grapes come from and the families who grow them. The setting for this fiesta is particularly magnificent too. It’s going to be a celebratory evening to remember!”

Speaking of setting, while we now know it’s not literally underground, the history of the location evidently runs deep. Ticket holders know where to go, says Osborne, but she remains coy in letting the secret slip to The Adelaide Review, only offering a hint that “the space event is in a State Heritage Listed building, full of history and times gone by.”

Arno Wine Co. are also aboard the Subterranean Supper Club’s bus

In a historically rich region often defined by its traditions, this collective of inventive individuals are striking out, bringing youthful energy to the Barossa’s rolling old hills. Osborne says they’re glad to be different to the pack.

“Different is progress, in an area steeped in history,” she says. “It is exciting to present challenging and innovative food and wine. We like being the outsiders, the something different.”

Subterranean Supper Club
Saturday, September 1, 4pm-10pm
Eden Valley


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