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Shingleback's ‘working class wine' comes up trumps

Shingleback's ‘working class wine' comes up trumps

As the chief winemaker at the frequently-awarded and family-owned Shingleback Wines, John Davey is doing something right.

The McLaren Vale winery took out four trophies at the recent Royal Adelaide Wine Show, including the coveted Max Schubert trophy for Best Red Wine in Show for their 2016 Red Knot Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre, as well as five gold medals, 10 silver medals and 14 bronze.

“I was thrilled to win trophies for our 2016 Shingleback Local Heroes Shiraz Grenache and 2016 Red Knot Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre, but for the GSM to go on to win both the Montgomery and Max Schubert trophies was the stuff of dreams,” Davey says.

“The success on our home turf in Adelaide was indeed a very special moment in my 30-year winemaking career and affirmation of the talent and dedication of the whole Shingleback team.

“Shingleback’s outstanding 2017 Adelaide Wine Show results were on the back of great results in 2016 when we achieved six gold medals, six silver medals and 14 bronze medals. This level of achievement across our whole portfolio clearly confirms the quality and value of our wines, rewarding our existing customers and bringing new drinkers to the brands.”

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However, it’s not only Adelaide Wine Show judges that have recognised the quality of Shingleback wines, with the winery winning another eight trophies outside at major wine shows outside of Adelaide.

“The GSM has been a star but the whole team has performed well with Shingleback being the most successful exhibitor at both the Royal Queensland and McLaren Vale Wines Shows,” says Davey.

Though Shingleback has been awarded gold medals and trophies for wines across its price points, John says the GSM’s success (retailing for just $15 per bottle), is testament to the fact that the great wine regions of Australia offer exceptional value.

“The working class wines can rise above the white collar elite in the blind tastings of wine shows,” he says.

“We aim to create wines with varietal intensity that are true to our great region of McLaren Vale. Balance, length and drinkability ensure that our wines sit well on restaurant and home dining tables. I also expect our wines to have depths, layers and longevity that entice and reward deeper exploration.”

Shingleback’s John Davey with prizes at the Royal Adelaide Wine Show (picture: supplied)

As a family winemaker John says he is privileged to have the surety of long-term vision but the flexibility to react in a timely fashion to the seasons and the market.

“Success is not just measured in dollars but in personal achievement and the strength of the relationships we develop and nurture,” he says. “The debt that I owe to past generations will be paid forward to my children Claudia, Alexander and James. These values and generational purpose give staff the confidence to achieve and put their own integrity on the line in the business relationships they develop. Our partners and customers can trust the brand we build together and retailers can be sure to profit from this strength.”

Looking ahead, John says he hopes that Shingleback’s future continues to build the strength of their brand through quality, innovation, and relationships.

“Sustainability of our assets and development of our people will ensure that Shingleback will be front of mind when thinking of McLaren Vale. Simply, I hope the future sees even more people around the world, sharing our passion and enjoying our wines.”

The 2018 Max Schubert Trophy will be awarded during the Royal Adelaide Wine Show Presentation on Friday, September 28.

The public will have an opportunity to taste the Max Schubert Trophy winner at Taste of the Best at 6pm on Friday, September 28.

About the Wine

The 2016 Red Knot GSM is a blend of three great McLaren Vale red varieties each grown in unique and different terroirs. The Grenache hails from old bush vines grown on deep sand over clay near McLaren Flat, resulting in pretty and highly perfumed fruit. The Shiraz vines sit in grey to red clay of the Davey Estate to the south of McLaren Vale, producing richly flavoured and textured wine. The Mourvèdre grows on a red clay loam and rock fragmented soil, adjacent to Shingleback’s Tasting Room at the entrance to the town of McLaren Vale, resulting in earthy and slightly meaty dark berry fruit flavours. The blend highlights the bright and alluring Grenache with the Shiraz and Mourvedre adding structure, depth and savoury notes.

The 2016 Red Knot GSM has been, not surprisingly, fully allocated. Stock has been held for a re-release, with priority to be given to Shingleback’s Wine Club members, in the near future.

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