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Ferment the Festival Uncaps 2017 Lineup

Ferment the Festival Uncaps 2017 Lineup

It’s been brewing for a while but Ferment the Festival has now produced a strong lineup of local fermented food and drink producers and cheesemakers for its inaugural event in Rundle Park in October.

A smorgasbord of dining events, tastings, presentations from food producers, bars and masterclasses will be available to Ferment the Festival attendees over the weekend of October 20, 21 and 22. The evolution of much-loved Cheesefest, Ferment the Festival will explore and explain the time-honoured but often mysterious practice of fermentation in food and drink.

“It is an exciting time to be bringing fermentation to the forefront,” festival director and Woodside Cheese Wright’s Kris Lloyd said. “While the concept of fermentation might be new to some it has actually been going on for thousands of years and we look forward to … educating people about it.”

The festival will kick off with a dinner by festival patron, chef Jock Zonfrillo. The Fermented Feast will treat guests to an eight-course meal, each course prepared by a renowned Australian chef who has delved into the alchemic world of fermenting.


Festival-goers will also have the chance attend a series of Ferment Labs, curated by the likes of chef Simon Bryant, Jessie Spiby, Mitch Lloyd and cultured butter guru Pepe Saya. Each session will demonstrate how to make such delectable fermented staples as cultured butter, sauerkraut and kimchi and more.

As Lloyd told The Adelaide Review in May, “Fermentation it is at the core and base of everything I love: chocolate, coffee, charcuterie, cultured butter, sourdough bread, they’re all made using the fermentation process, which just sits there and quietly does what it needs to do.”

(photo: Duy Dash)

But it’s not just about the food at Ferment The Festival, as the liquid world of fermentation is set to be plumbed in depth. Winehero’s Paul Henry will host The Grand Tasting Masterclass which will showcase wines from the world’s great wine capitals in a special tasting event. The traditions and processes involved in making wine, beer, cider, whisky, brandy, tea and gin will be demonstrated in the Ferment Bars and Masterclasses.

The rabbit hole of fermentation goes deeper of course. More than 100 local businesses, 25 cheesemakers and 43 food producers will be participating in the festival via a range of smaller events and stalls.

Ferment the Festival
Rundle Park
October 20, 21 and 22
Tickets and full program available via:

Header photo: Duy Dash


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