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What’s open in Adelaide for brunch this Queen’s Birthday public holiday?

What’s open in Adelaide for brunch this Queen’s Birthday public holiday?

Of all the public holidays, the Queen’s Birthday might have the most debatable relevance to everyday Australians – it’s not even her birthday, after all. 

But at least we can all get behind the very Queen-like activity of morning tea, perhaps better known by its modern name: brunch. In honour of our constitutional monarch’s designated birth celebration day on Monday, June 10, we’ve put together a public holiday shortlist of well-loved brunch spots around Adelaide, featuring some familiar names and new faces, all united by their love of a good mid-morning meal and the fact that they will be open on Monday when you are craving just that.

Hey Jupiter

Serving up some of the most popular brunch dishes in town, this new and improved eatery is your one stop shop for authentic French cuisine. Plus, when we rang to see if they were open, the response was a definite ‘oui!’

Open 7am – 10pm
11 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide

Hey Jupiter (Photo: Sia Duff)

The Flinders Street Project

With an artistic assortment of wooden spoons suspended from the ceiling, this award-winning café reinvents the brunch classics and creates a signature dining experience of its own. It’s also open on Monday.

Open 8am – 2.30pm
276 Flinders Street, Adelaide

My Kingdom For A Horse

With over 120 available seats, there’s no shortage of space at this premium café specialising in high quality coffee and delicious seasonal brunch foods. Having said that, arrive early to secure a table as public holidays – such as this coming Monday – are famously busy.

Open 8am – 4pm
191 Wright Street, Adelaide

My Kingdom For A Horse

Caffiend Coffee Company

With a head chef intent on pairing brunch with more grab-and-go culinary options, expect a series of reasonably priced dishes and a wide selection of bagels from this specialty café. Their other specialty? Being open when you are in need of bagels and coffee.


A self-proclaimed hub ‘where Mediterranean meets Middle East’, this restaurant is passionate about brunch through its traditional Lebanese inspired menu, including a variety of biscuits, cakes, coffee and tea options. But can you sample that variety this coming Monday? Yes, yes you can.

Open 8am – 3.30pm
289 Halifax Street, Adelaide

Crack Kitchen (Photo: Sia Duff)

Crack Kitchen

Many eateries in the heart of the CBD are dependent on office worker trade, and take a well-earned break from tired looking people in lanyards each public holiday. But not Crack Kitchen, who will be open on Monday to bring you their top-notch winter food menu as well as seasonal coffee (roasted on site).

Open 9am – 2pm
13 Franklin Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Laneway Espresso House

If you’re on the hunt for an exceptional coffee experience, we guarantee this colourful café located in Adelaide’s Ebenezer Place will fulfil all your expectations and more, particularly the expectation that it will be open this Queen’s Birthday.

Open 9am – 3pm
4/10 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide


This family-run café on the southern edge of the city just celebrated its first birthday, and has carved a loyal following for its coffee and slow food menu. Who else is famously a Sibling? Queen Elizabeth II, of course, and Sibling will fittingly be open on the day of her not-birth.

Open 9am – 2pm
96 Gilles Street, Adelaide

Sibling (Photo: Sia Duff)
Sibling (Photo: Sia Duff)

Harry Durrant

Header image:
Crack Kitchen, photo: Sia Duff


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