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Fire solutions for eco-conscious consumers

Fire solutions for eco-conscious consumers

Designed for the environment, made for entertaining, built to last – EcoSmart Fire’s range of contemporary fireplaces and concrete furniture cleverly combines sustainable features with dual-purpose ingenuity.

Fueled by environmentally friendly e-NRG bioethanol and featuring burners that comply with multiple global standards, EcoSmart’s iconic fire features are free of the physical constraints of gas lines, electrical connections, venting and chimneys, along with the associated costs required to install them. Built into zero-clearance, manufacturer approved surrounds, these flexible fire solutions make it easy to incorporate fire as the focal point in any residential or commercial setting – indoors or out.

Ultimate design and installation flexibility

Delivering 173 fire solutions in six versatile styles, EcoSmart’s Flex Fireplace series is easily configured to any architectural blueprint, interior design brief or hospitality floor plan. Ranging from 455mm to 4013.2mm in length, the zero-clearance, all black Flex Fireplaces make it easy to integrate a fire feature in any residential or commercial setting, be it a high-rise apartment or restaurant, sprawling foyer of a luxury hotel, or living room in a modern family home.

“Landscape designers, architects, builders and homeowners are increasingly turning to fire to set an enticing scene and draw people to outdoor areas – regardless of the season,” says EcoSmart Fire creator Stephane Thomas. “EcoSmart has long led this trans-seasonal design trend due to the versatility of its products and the environmental considerations that come with using readily available, clean-burning, environmentally friendly e-NRG bioethanol.”

Environmental resilience fashioned from recycled materials

Incredibly strong yet relatively lightweight, EcoSmart’s concrete collection incorporates revolutionary Fluid™ Concrete Technology, a custom composition of green cement combined with 95 per cent recycled natural materials. Fluid features a stain- and impact-resistant barrier that protects the concrete from environmental weathering – even under extreme conditions and long UV exposure.

“Our manufacturing facility prides itself on delivering a professional service that is focused on best-practice procedures, incorporates multiple quality control-touchpoints, and is executed with an environmentally friendly mindset,” says Thomas.

Come and visit Rawsons newly refurbished showroom at Plympton to see an extensive range of EcoSmart Fire designs on display.

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