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Three South Australian Designers to be Inducted into DIA Hall of Fame

Three South Australian Designers to be Inducted into DIA Hall of Fame

A field of nine outstanding Australian designers, including three prominent South Australians, will be inducted into the Design Institute of Australia (DIA) Hall of Fame, it was today announced.

Langdon Badger, Khai Liew and Dr Joanne Cys will be inducted into the DIA’s prestigious Hall of Fame for their outstanding decades-long contributions to Australian design. Each a South Australian design icon, this achievement is the “ultimate industry recognition for design leaders across all area of design”.

Inductees to the DIA’s Hall of Fame are selected annually from a large set of nominations drawn from DIA state branches and other sources. The Hall of Fame was established in Victoria in 1995 and evolved into a national program in 2005.

Nominees are judged on a diverse set of criteria including their portfolio of work, national/international awards, published books and papers, outstanding service to the design sector and community, as well as their professional reputation. Of the three South Australian inductees, Badger holds the longest experience in the Australian design industry having established Langdon Badger Furnishings on Pulteney Street in 1952.

From that beginning, Badger provided expert interior design expertise for many years, and designed a great array of furniture over the tenure of his career. He was held on retainer by the likes of Myer Emporium, Adelaide, Flavels, and Pope Products as a designer of window fittings and hardware for much of his career and retired in 1998. Khai Liew is a prolific furniture designer still operating today.

His contribution to the world of design and design exhibition curation is world-recognisesd, with his always timely and unique work having been exhibited and collected the world over. In 2011, Liew was named South Australian of the Year for the Arts, and is an adjunct professor at the University of Adelaide’s School of Art, Architecture and Design.

Dr Joanne Cys’ contributions to the realm of design research, industry support and advocacy have long held her in high esteem. With a slew of academic achievements to her name, Cys has authored multiple publications on architecture and interior design. Ex-State Minister John Hill credits Cys’ work for changing and enhancing government understanding of the practice and importance of urban development and planning.

All nine design professionals will be inducted into the DIA Hall of Fame in a special presentation on Saturday, September 24 as part of the 2016 Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance conference

Read on for the full list of inductees to the DIA Hall of Fame: Mr David Clark (NSW) – Editor in Chief of Vogue Living Australia for 10 years and key promoter, curator, commentator and advocate for the Australian Design Industry. Mr Aurelio (Ray) Costarella (WA) – World renowned, Perth based fashion designer. Dr Joanne Cys LFDIA (SA) – One of Australia’s greatest advocates for Design and the Design Industry. Mr Stuart Devlin AO (VIC) – Designer of Australian Decimal Currency coins released in 1966 as well as coins for over 30 other countries.  Goldsmith and Jeweller to HM Queen Elizabeth II. Mr David Foulkes-Taylor (WA)  – Designer, Art Connoisseur and Entrepreneur. Mr Ian Howard (VIC) – Founder and CEO or Aristoc Industries Mr Khai Liew FDIA (SA) – Designer and maker of collectable furniture held in galleries and collections around the world. Mr Edmond (Ted) Worsley FDIA (VIC) – A long and distinguished career in design and design education and founder of Society of Designers for Industry (later to evolve into the Design Institute of Australia).


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