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Robyn Wood's Minimalist Elegance

Robyn Wood's Minimalist Elegance

Since starting Robyn Wood Design in 2013, local furniture maker Robyn Wood has left a mark with her minimal and elegant pieces. She is one of a number of local designers who will be showcased at the upcoming Bowerbird Design Market.

For a local independent designer, how important are market fairs such as Bowerbird?

Bowerbird is a wonderful event and brings together such a high standard of designers and makers. Events such as this allow us to put our products in front of the right audience: people who love and appreciate well-designed and -made authentic, local products.

What is your overall aesthetic that drives your work and designs, and has that changed lately?

The backbone of my work is always to pare an idea down to its simplest form and to capture the essence of the original inspiration. Classic lines with warm personality are always at the back of my mind. I have been working predominantly with timber but am beginning to incorporate other materials into new furniture pieces.

What made you want to go solo and set up Robyn Wood Design in 2013, and how has your work evolved in those four years since?

I had always dreamed of designing furniture and had done so as an interior designer. I had a deep desire to express my ideas creatively and it just became something I really had to do. In those four years I have gone from producing one-off pieces to developing small handcrafted production runs and commissions. It’s an ongoing process and I am always developing new techniques and pushing for fresh perspectives on furniture and objects.


Do you feel Adelaide is appreciating design and the work of artisan designers such as yourself more now than in previous years and decades?

I definitely feel Adelaide is supportive and that there is a desire for high quality and locally made [products]. There is such a flourishing creative community and so many talented, passionate furniture designers and makers. More than ever, I think people are mindful of their purchases and not being part of the throw-away mentality.

Can you give us an insight into some of the work you will be selling at Bowerbird this year?

I have been working on a range of products that complement my Drift Cufflink Holders. This May, I will have a new clock and tray as part of that range. I will also be bringing Bud Lamp and showcasing larger pieces for custom order.

What is coming up for you in the near future?

I have just moved into a studio and shop in The Mill (very excited to have a shop front on Angas Street), where I am able to have my work on show and available for my customers. I am using the workshop to develop new furniture pieces that I am aiming to have ready for next year. I am also collaborating with textile artist Megan Walsh-Cheek on an exciting project and working toward an exhibition toward the end of the year.

Bowerbird Design Market
Adelaide Showground
Friday, May 5 to Sunday, May 7


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