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Gessi's Pure Steel, Pure Style

Gessi's Pure Steel, Pure Style

Practical materials can sometimes lack aesthetics but this is definitely not the case with the new 316 stainless steel collection.

Developed by Italian company Gessi (pronounced Jessie) for their range of tapware and accessories this “precious metal” is both durable and beautiful. The Gessi 316 collection takes the cylinder as its base form and from it creates a range of products available in four unique finishes and five distinctive patterns to complement contemporary design. The designs give a new warmth and integrity to the usually cold medium of stainless steel and an exciting edge not seen in other brands.

Gessi has been designing and manufacturing exclusive kitchen and bathroom fittings for more than 25 years, from brassware to advanced shower systems, and their products can be found around the world in the most exotic locations including hotels, spas and even luxury yachts.

The company’s mission is to create products that communicate a culture of wellbeing in the most private environments of the home and transform utilitarian spaces into something truly regenerative.

The company has used creative freedom and a passion for liberating objects from what might have become prescribed functions to be something that adds joy to daily living.

The extreme attention to detail in the Gessi products is designed to elicit an emotional response and according to Jon Pysing at Rawson’s Appliances • Bathroom, exclusive stockist of this range of Gessi 316 in South Australia, it works.

“We have an extensive display of Gessi 316 in our newly refurbished showroom at Plympton and the reaction to the products from customers walking through is very obvious,” he says.

“The obvious craftsmanship in, for example, the Trame range which has a spool pattern of rings carved into the steel, elicits a physical response from visitors. The textural patterns are so inviting.”

According to Jon, the Gessi 316 range is designed for people who want the best and who want it to look as good as it does today in 10 or even 20 years’ time.

“Gessi makes taps in the way Ferrari makes cars – yes, any car can take you from A to B but it is so much more than that.”

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