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Architectural style is back in black

Furnishing and appliances combine in a ‘sweet’ new range from Smeg by Italian architect Guido Canali.

Dolce Stil Novo or “sweet new style” takes highly intuitive kitchen technology and embodies it in design that is at once sleek and modern but also comforting in the convenience it promises the home entertainer.

The Smeg range has taken craftsmanship to a new level in minimalist style. Black Eclipse glass with stainless steel or copper detailing crowns a comprehensive selection of appliances from cooktops and ovens to multi-function drawers including a wine cellar and a blast chiller. Each item in the range works in perfect design harmony with the others. They can be put together according to the unique design needs of the individual.

The black Eclipse glass in the ovens remains opaque until the appliance is in use, allowing a smooth design line to be achieved. This effect is particularly appealing where the kitchen is open to larger entertaining areas and will be on view at all times. The ovens measure either 45 or 60 centimetres and include features such as thermoseal technology, pyrolytic cleaning and combi-steam and microwave.

This same glass in the built-in and underbench wine cellar option protects wines from damaging UV light as well as heat. A special ventilation function ensures ideal humidity levels are maintained. Dual temperature zones mean various styles of wine can be held at their optimum serving temperature and always ready at the fingertips of the host. A unique sommelier drawer comes complete with a range of wine serving accessories, adding to the experience.

Solid oak racks that are fully adjustable and removable ensure odd-sized bottles can be accommodated. The Dolce Stil Novo built-in wine cellar has received prestigious international design awards including Good Design® by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design, iF Design Award and Red Dot.

Smeg’s new gas cooktop range features a world-first technology in Blade Flame, a continuous ring of vertical flame guaranteeing maximum heat transfer and increased efficiency of up to 20 per cent. Also in the range is an extensive array of induction cooktops – including a hybrid model combining induction with a high-output gas burner – all finished in easy to clean black glass.


The Rawsons Appliances • Bathroom Showroom is located at 620 Cross Road Plympton and is open seven days a week.


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