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Uncompromising history with luxury Gaggenau

Gaggenau is a global household name in luxury appliances but not everyone knows just how far back this company’s history goes.

Back in 1683 in the Black Forest in Germany, Gaggenau started out as an ironworks. From 17th century beginnings with a nail forge and hammer mill, Gaggenau grew over the next 200 years, eventually producing farming equipment and even bicycles for the
local population. It wasn’t until the 1930s that a manager with a personal passion for
cooking brought appliances into the fold as part of his desire to manufacture products that the best chefs would be keen to use.

Gradually kitchens evolved from being purely functional spaces to centre-stages of the home and Gaggenau moved with the times, producing ever more sophisticated appliances to allow customers to produce professional results in their homes.

According to Gaggenau, the company is all about a mindset, rather than a particular style or product. The Gaggenau customer connects to the philosophy as much as the products themselves.

The modern Gaggenau range offers a modular approach to help customers achieve their own personal vision for the heart of their home. The Vario 400 ovens series are mounted in a precisionmilled stainless steel frame that allows all elements to be seamlessly integrated. Ovens can be expansive or flush, blending into the overall kitchen design. Each series offers many configurations to suit any taste.

The range of appliances has continued to expand over the years as people demand the best in their own home environment. Tailored cooling in the form of fridges, wine storage and freezers are joined by precision built-in coffee machines and state-of-the-art induction cooktops.

Recently, Gaggenau was sponsor of the World Restaurant Awards and the International Sommelier Awards, another indication of the company’s dedication to excellence in the culinary and vinous arts.

To ensure every Gaggenau product is of the highest standard, the company is committed to low-volume, high-quality manufacturing . A hands-on approach achieves the luxurious finishes expected of this brand.

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