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Every season is barbecue season

Summer is almost here and it is time to look at your backyard catering game. If you don’t own a Weber barbecue already, this could be the year to treat yourself to the world’s leading barbecue brand in one of its many forms.

Weber has a history dating way back to 1952 when the first kettle barbecue was created by George Stephen in Chicago. Repurposing a half sphere of metal used to make marine buoys, Stephen’s reworked dome-shaped grill featured a rounded lid, a handle, three legs and holes for circulation. Its performance was a tremendous improvement over the charcoal grills on the market at the time and, after Stephen travelled across the USA demonstrating his new invention, the idea took off.

Fast forward to today and Weber is consistently recommended by industry advocates and consumers alike as Australia’s most trusted barbecue brand. A Weber barbecue will not let you down when you have a house full of hungry guests ; the carefully researched designs take the guesswork out of cooking outdoors.

Traditionally, Weber barbecues were known for flavoursome, slow cooking over coals, true to their American roots. And there are still plenty of purists out there for whom there will never be a better way to pull off the perfect Christmas roast. However, not everyone has the time or the desire to master this method of cooking and for those people Weber has plenty of gas or electric models to choose from. Whether it be ever popular and versatile Weber Q range that will fit on any balcony or patio and can even pop in the boot for a beach barbie, to the latest electric Pulse model, perfect for high-rise multi-residential living where gas restrictions can prevent the use of a gas style BBQ.

Then there are the Weber built-in models that suit the complete outdoor kitchen entertainer. And of course, every barbecue needs accessories and no brand does these better than Weber with a huge range of roasting and bakeware, cleaning tools to Bluetooth thermometers that sync to your Smart Devices and of course, cookbooks full of inspiration for the next party or family meal.

Rawson’s is the only Weber store in South Australia stocking all Weber products. There is a big range to choose from with a product to suit every environment, from a small balcony to a full outdoor kitchen.


The Rawsons Appliances • Bathroom Showroom is located at 620 Cross Road Plympton and is open seven days a week.


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