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Frock Me Out Takes a Colourful Approach to Fashion

Frock Me Out Takes a Colourful Approach to Fashion

Known for their unique and flattering designs, Jen Weeks and Donna Tripodi (of local fashion label Frock Me Out) pair modern sophistication with well-made pieces.

The label was born from Weeks and Tripodi’s frustration with a lack of vibrant, good quality and well-designed pieces on the market. Accommodating for a variety of body shapes and sizes, Frock Me Out is designed for women from the ages of 20-70, sizes 6-26. “We dream up designs that we would like in our own wardrobes,” Weeks says. The pair work closely with each customer to find pieces that suit them.

With a background in arts and painting, the pair design their own fabrics in their studio and shop front in Goodwood. “Our passion is designing the prints,” Weeks says. “At the moment all of our designs are computer based. But we’re looking into digital printing to give us more freedom to include things like painting.”

Frock Me Out focus on creating pieces that are timeless and flattering for a range of body shapes. “We test our designs on a range of fabrics,” Weeks says. “We focus on natural fiber based fabrics that breathe and last a long time, and also break down in the environment. We don’t use any acrylic or polyester in our clothing.”


For Weeks and Tripodi, it’s important that their garments are made and designed in a sustainable way too. “We look at all aspects of sustainability in our manufacturing process,” says Weeks. Steering away from the fast fashion approach that engulfs much of the fashion industry, the pair doesn’t rely on trends when designing pieces. “We like to make clothing that won’t go out of fashion, both in our prints and our shapes,” Weeks says.

Frock Me Out also encompasses a made to order range, allowing customers to choose their own lengths and materials of the label’s classic ‘pocket dress’. “It’s a really flattering shape and suits a wide range of bodies so people really like it,” Weeks says. The made to order range is manufactured here in Adelaide and cuts down on the unnecessary wastage of textiles. The dress is printed in a wide range of their designs. “People love the choice and they end up with something that fits them really well and lasts a long time,” says Weeks.

Frock Me Out attends many markets to increase their customer base, including the upcoming Bowerbird Design Market. “The people that attend design markets tend to be people that love our clothing,” Weeks says. “For us it’s meant that we now have a huge following in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane as well as Adelaide.”

While the rest of us think about a cool winter approaching, Frock Me Out is already looking forward to the warmer months, with Weeks noting the label has “got some new prints coming for summer,” and that “we’re looking to branch into making printed bathers because we feel that there’s not a lot of choice in prints for bathing ware.”

Frock Me Out
89 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood, SA 5034

Photographer: Roberto Aria Putra



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