FORM Journal – Volume One

The Adelaide Review is excited to celebrate and acknowledge the incredible projects being produced in our state. Welcome to FORM JOURNAL.

Design is an ever present component in our daily lives, and the demand for smart design is higher than ever.

In an increasingly complex world, the need for innovation remains at the forefront of
a designer’s mind, and as a challenge to be met. Excitingly, as history has shown, our state has been a catalyst for innovation, and a place to test new ideas.

The incubation of thought-provoking art and craft events, festivals, and cultural offerings has prompted the re-ignition of the industry to engage with an awakening in broader public to the value of design in our communities and cities.

As the proud voice of design and architecture in South Australia, the FORM section of The Adelaide Review has been sharing stories from the industry for more than eight years. As a response to the extraordinary increase in activity within design in the state over the last few years, we are excited to present FORM JOURNAL.


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