Current Issue #488

Drawn to the City:
Adelaide in the time of COVID-19

Leo Greenfield checks in on nine Adelaide residents to see how they’ve fared over the last month and a half of staying in and social distancing.

Each month this column interviews one person, exploring the development of their career. As the COVID-19 crisis has us in social isolation, our lives have been drastically transformed. We wanted to show that, even when staying at home, we are all in this together. We asked a range of people a couple of questions: how are you keeping busy at home, and what are you most looking forward to in the future? 

Nazanin Maghsoodi 

Client relations at Tiffany & Co. Adelaide 

“[For] the first few days [it was] nice to sit back and binge on Netflix, to bake and read. However, I have tried to maintain my routine and, with the help of technology, most of my day- to-day tasks can be completed online. Prior to COVID-19 I served my local neighbourhood as a youth mentor and I have been able to continue this online. The group has been exploring the themes of resilience and service, finding ways of looking out for elderly members of the community. Surprisingly, COVID has opened our eyes to how interdependent and reliant we are on one another. In exploring ways of being of service to others, these youth instil a spirit of hope and generosity in themselves and others. 

“Post isolation I am looking forward to going back to work, catching up with friends, visiting my favourite restaurants and planning future trips.” 

Yvette Mayfield 

Optical dispenser with OPSM 

“I feel fortunate that, being in an allied health profession, I’m able to continue working with social distancing measures in place. It’s such a surreal time and I feel grateful that I can contribute in a positive way to the local community. When not at work I’m enjoying reading (my next book is Sense and Sensibility) and going for walks around my neighbourhood. 

“Living in the city I’m very much looking forward to going out for lunch, followed by an afternoon of visiting an art gallery or watching a film at Palace Nova.” 

Ben Nielsen 

ABC News reporter and presenter 

“I’ve enjoyed having an excuse to be still. I’ve reignited my love of reading and I’ve also been journalling every day. But mostly I’ve been cooking homemade pasta and sauce (every second night, pretty much!) and baking for friends. Edible gifts are like a balm for stress. 

“I can’t wait to properly hug my friends and family again. The restrictions have also made me value my freedom. I’m looking forward to travelling freely.” 

Dr. Keng Soon Yeoh 

Special needs dentist 

“Keeping busy at home with recipe testing to dominate the world with pastries! Well, let’s start with Adelaide first from my humble, small kitchen. 

“Once this is over, can’t wait to catch up with friends and give them a big hug!” 

Tammy Tu 

Digital Content Strategist 

“ I’m very fortunate to be keeping busy with my job but I’m also exercising a lot thanks to online classes from the local gym. And lots of cooking! I made Ottolenghi’s moussaka last night. 

“The first thing I’m going to do post- isolation is… hug all my friends, go eat at my favourite restaurant, Golden Boy, and finally have our engagement party!” 

Anna Rigosi 

Studying Master of Education secondary 

“[I’m] taking care of [son] Klaus; teaching yoga online; [tending the] veggie patch; working on Camino; going for walks and Zoom calling family and friends all over the world – Italy, Sri Lanka, Spain, Canada, UK, France. 

“[I’m looking forward to] hugging my friends and seeing Klaus playing with his little friends. I am grateful that I can go outside and that we have a garden. 

Tiggie Del Fabbro 

Volunteer in aged care 

“I’m painting, revamping old canvases. And I’m looking forward to getting my hair done!” 

Dr Janett Kajic Jackson and Russ Jackson

Retired educators in Aboriginal education 

“I’m dancing tango, doing pilates online with Roaming Zen, gardening, going for walks, watching TV, finishing renovating the kitchen (a mammoth task with much mess and disorder), taming two feral kittens, and tidying up paperwork that should have been done years ago! 

“[I’m looking forward to] going to restaurants and eating there! Catching up with friends; dancing with our tango community – [in] close embrace – that may take a while; travelling, particularly in Australia for different tango events.” 

Cassandra French 

Early-career teacher 

“I am staying busy working, sticking to routines, and finally getting a chance to work on old hobbies that I don’t have the time for. I’m also working to make my lessons accessible for online learning, and trying to find new ways to connect with students . I’m an English teacher so I am doing a lot of planning around poetry and music lyrics.

“I am looking forward to: being able to see my family and friends and give them the awkward hugs I don’t usually like giving! Having a beer down at the Crown and Anchor with my friends and being back in the classroom with all my students.” 

Leo Greenfield

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Leo Greenfield is freelance illustrator. His work can be found at

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