Camellia Aebischer


The Rise of Emma Shearer’s Lost Loaf

It’s been a rapid rise for Emma Shearer’s bakery The Lost Loaf. Within a few months
of opening, the former Magill Estate pastry chef had to hire staff, take on …


Review: Backbone

Backbone will take you through a range of emotions, all without saying a word. The powerful acrobatics rolls through short narratives using the human body to cr…

City Bites: North Indian Cuisine

Most Adelaide locals have their favourite takeaway or dine in spot for Indian cuisine. Maybe it’s Indian Temptations in the north, perhaps Raj on Taj in t…


City Bites: Chianti Breakfast

Breakfast in Adelaide has undergone somewhat of a transformation in recent years. New venues are popping up like spring flowers offering innovative dishes that …


City Bites: Seoul Restaurant

Perhaps one of Adelaide’s best-kept dining secrets, Seoul Restaurant has served up deliciously authentic Korean dishes with a smile and zero pretensions f…

From Garden to Plate: Iberia Adelaide

Iberia Adelaide, the highly anticipated East End establishment, opens next month and Camellia Aebischer travels to their kitchen garden in the Hills to get a ta…

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