Charles Gent

Mount Benson’s irresistible rise

While visible from the outskirts of Robe, at a height of 77 metres above sea level, Mount Benson, to be frank, is more hillock than monolith. For the past coupl…


Ochota Barrels On

Not too many song titles by seminal LA punk band The Dead Kennedys turn up on wine labels. In fact, the ‘I am the Owl’ Syrah by Ochota Barrels prett…


It’s Time for Touriga

Right, let’s get this straight from the outset — Touriga Nacional is neither a cycling race nor an all-terrain vehicle: it is, by general acclaim, the premier r…


Howard’s Rosé Rides Again

Tom Northcott was still uncombined DNA when Len Evans, in his self-appointed role as bombastic purveyor of advice to Australia’s neophyte wine-drinkers, was ber…

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