David Knight


Book Review: The Benefactor

Sebastian Hampson’s sad sack tale about a former editor of a glamorous magazine who struggles to find meaning after losing his wife constantly teases that somet…


Cheers to Nebbiolo

Wine days out have become mainstays on the food and wine calendar and the upcoming
Cin Cin Nebbiolo in the Adelaide Hills will transport wine lovers to northern…


The Return of Unsound

Unsound Adelaide is back with former Adelaide Festival director David Sefton behind the expanded stand-alone electronic and experimental music festival.…

Experiencing Ngurra

Curator Glenn Iseger-Pilkington believes the exhibition Ngurra will challenge visitors to think about where the Aboriginal art we see on gallery walls originate…


The Secret Life of Chocolate

Fermentation is responsible for many gastronomic delights: cheese, wine and beer among them. Steven ter Horst will showcase another food at the inaugural Fermen…