David Sornig


Book Review: Nutshell

Ian McEwan is an often beguiling player of the guessing games that define the brand of fiction he writes. He revels in the challenge to outwit, if not outright …


Book Review: The Lesser Bohemians

Eimear McBride’s The Lesser Bohemians is her second novel after A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing, and best read as a counterpart to that award-winning modern…


Book Review: A Loving Faithful Animal

While the fulcrum hours of Josephine Rowe’s first novel-length work of fiction, A Loving, Faithful Animal, run from the morning of the last day of 1990 into the…


Review: Golden Years

While it’s impossible to know now how the book might have been received were it not for Eskandarian’s tragic and senseless end, it’s difficult not to imagine th…

Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl Review

As far as the members of US three-piece indie–punk outfit Sleater–Kinney knew, they would never reunite once they went on what they officially called a hiatus a…


The Salty River

In his first graphic memoir, The Salty River, Hamburg-based author and illustrator Jan Bauer re-traces the gentle unfolding of a 2012 travel romance during a 50…

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