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Film Review: Loro

Released in two parts in Europe, the edited Australian release of Paolo Sorrentino’s Silvio Berlusconi film remains a grandiose, over the top saga.…

5 Storm Boy film still (Photo: Matt Nettheim)

Film Review: Storm Boy

A new take on Colin Thiele’s Storm Boy sands down the original’s darker edges – and ends up rather flat.…

Samuel L Jackson, James McEvoy and Bruce Willis star in Glass

Film Review: Glass

M Night Shyamalan’s bitterly disappointing trilogy-capper is a flawed tribute to his love of horror, superheroes and his own work.…

6 Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne star in Instant Family

Film Review: Instant Family

Drawn from director Sean Anders’ own personal experiences, this contrived but kind comedy has enough nice performances and earnest laughs to compensate for its …

Pick of the Litter film still

Film Review: Pick of the Litter

This modest documentary follows five awfully adorable puppies as they’re trained by the Californian Guide Dogs for the Blind. Yes, it’s very cute.…

Film still from Pawel Pawlikowski’s Cold War

Film Review: Cold War

Pawel Pawlikowski’s almost achingly emotional, multilingual follow-up to his Oscar-winning Ida is far more ambitious and epic.…

4 Film still from Holmes & Watson

Film Review: Holmes & Watson

This already infamous Will Ferrell comedy from Etan ‘Not Ethan Coen” Cohen has a reputation for being awful and, despite some valiant cameo appearan…

6 Olivia Colman stars in The Favourite

Film Review: The Favourite

Producer/director Yorgos Lanthimos’ first shot at a historical epic is a semi-handsome production with iffy facts, coarse comedy, a layer of grime and name star…

5 Jason Momoa stars in Aquaman

Film Review: Aquaman

Directed by Australian James Wan and partly filmed in Queensland, underwater superhero epic Aquaman is naturally overlong, overblown and sopping wet with CG eff…

Emily Blunt stars in Mary Poppins Returns

Film Review: Mary Poppins Returns

It’s been no less than 52 years since the family classic Mary Poppins, and this long-long-time-coming direct sequel does captures some of the original’s old-sch…

8 Christian Bale stars as Dick Cheney in Vice

Film Review: Vice

The Big Short director Adam McKay’s latest film takes aim at former Vice-President Dick Cheney, and once again uses  jet-black, cutthroat humour to relate…

6 Keira Knightley stars in Colette

Film Review: Colette

A biopic with all the usual problems, this somewhat disappointing drama nonetheless features Keira Knightley in one of her best roles.…


Film Review: Bumblebee

This sixth Transformers epic is probably the best of the lot, but despite obvious attempts at a grease and oil change that’s still not a huge compliment.…

Jennifer Garner stars in 'Peppermint'

Film Review: Peppermint

An attempt at a vaguely feminist rethink of Taken, this ultra-violent, somewhat fascist action drama shares the same director (Pierre Morel) but a much less cle…

(L-R) Mathilde Ollivier as Chloe, Jovan Adepo as Boyce in the film, OVERLORD by Paramount Pictures

Film Review: Overlord

A full-on blend of war drama and horror epic, Overlord is often an intense experience, even if the first act’s startlingly visceral combat sequences are rather …


Film Review: Can You Ever Forgive Me

Drawn from the true story of author and prolific forger Lee Israel, this often uncomfortably enjoyable character piece has a fine, even somewhat daring lead per…

Jennifer Lopez stars in Second Act

Film Review: Second Act

Jennifer Lopez stars in this mostly predictable mistaken identity comedy, which shares a lot of DNA with her 2002 mistaken identity comedy Maid In Manhattan.…

Hera Hilmar stars in Mortal Engines

Film Review: Mortal Engines

Despite some likeable young leads, much of this effects-heavy filming of Philip Reeve’s young adult novel is dreary, pretentious nonsense.…


Film Review: Creed II

This follow-up to the first Creed three years ago has a different director in Steven Caple Jr. (as Ryan Coogler was off doing Black Panther) but the same thumpi…

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