James McCann

Tidelands on Netflix

Stream Time: Tidelands Review

Critics have not been kind to Netflix’s first Australian title, but for a program that is essentially Home and Away with sex, drugs and mermaids, was that ever …

The Sinner (Netflix)

Stream Time: The Sinner review

Netflix’s The Sinner’s returns without much of its original cast, while reviving the key elements – a sudden murder, flashbacks and a silvered Bill Pullman – th…


Stream Time: Norsemen Review

Norsemen is a hilarious six-part comedy series that re-imagines a world of Vikings with modern day Norway’s attitudes and progressive sensibilities.…


Stream Time: The Tick Review

This reboot of The Tick sports strong comedic talent in Peter Serafanowicz and Griffin Newman, but doesn’t live up to its potential, says James McCann.…


Stream Time: The Other Guy Review

Matt Okine’s The Other Guy is the best new Australian comedy series in years and succeeds, where countless others have failed, in being warm, tender television …


Stream Time: White Gold Review

White Gold is a new BBC comedy series that has just debuted internationally on Netflix. It was created by, and stars, some of the people responsible for the sho…

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