Walter Marsh

Review: Girl Asleep

As Windmill Theatre Co.’s debut film Girl Asleep returns to the stage this adolescent-in-Wonderland fable proves to be more wild fun than any screen could hope …

Quetzalcoatl's Mexican Restaurant, Unley (Photo: Sia Duff)

Quetzacoatl’s second coming

For years clued-in lovers of Mexican food have made the pilgrimage north to Taco Quetzacoatl. As owner/chef Margarita Galindo Gallardo makes a long-awaited leap…

Film Review: Animals

A freewheeling millennial friendship nears its expiration date in a gorgeously messy second feature from Adelaide director Sophie Hyde.…

Rosemary Myers (right) with the cast and crew of Windmill Theatre's Girl Asleep (Photo: Sia Duff)

Reawakening Girl Asleep

Four years after Girl Asleep saw Windmill Theatre Co make the leap to the big screen, director Rosemary Myers is bringing this dark, whimsical fable of girlhood…

Don Dunstan (Photo: Greg Barrett / National Library of Australia)

Don, but not forgotten

As the state’s great progressive hero of the 20th century, Don Dunstan remains an influential and polarising presence in South Australian politics and culture. …


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