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Literary Sensation Nathan Hill Heading to Adelaide Writers’ Week

Literary Sensation Nathan Hill Heading to Adelaide Writers’ Week

Nathan Hill, the man behind novel of the moment The Nix, as well as Man Booker Prize shortlisted author Graeme Macrae Burnet, litblog star Jessa Crispin, science writer Guila Enders and poet Adam Fitzgerald are some of the new international additions to the Adelaide Writers’ Week program.

These international literary figures will be joined by Australians Kate Grenville, Elizabeth Horrower, Adelaide’s Patrick Allington and the ABC’s Julia Baird as some of the 29 new additions to take part in the six-day Writers’ Week program that runs from Saturday, March 4 to Thursday, March 9 at Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden.

It is the announcement of Hill that will excite many, as his recently released debut novel The Nix is a literary sensation that has seen the 40-year-old American compared to John Irving, Donna Tartt and Tom Wolfe by Booklist, while Irving himself compared Hill’s debut novel to Charles Dickens.

Jess Crispin, author of The Dead Ladies Project and founder of will also appear at Writers’ Week 

Another exciting addition is Macrae Burnet, who wrote the Man Booker shortlisted crime story His Bloody Project. He will discuss true crime with Adelaide sensation Hannah Kent (The Good People) while Crispin is the editor in chief of the litblog Bookslut and is a renowned art columnist. She will discuss the role of critics with Pulitzer Prize winning critic Sebastian Smee.

Previously announced writers include war correspondent Patrick Cockburn, Sebastian Barry, Alberto Manguel as well as Hannah Kent and Lindy West. The full Adelaide Writer’s Week list of writers is below. The week’s schedule can be viewed on the Writers’ Week website.

Adelaide Writers’ Week
Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden, King William Road,
Saturday, March 4 to Thursday, March 9

Full line-up:

A S Patric (AUS)
Adam Aitken (AUS)
Adam Fitzgerald (US)
Adele Dumont (AUS)
Adrian McKinty (AUS)
Alberto Manguel (ARG/CAN)
Alejandro Zambra (CHL)
Alison Colpoys (AUS)
Amrita Malhi (AUS)
Amy Stewart (US)
Anita Heiss (AUS)
Armando Lucas Correa (CUB)
Ashleigh Wilson (AUS)
Barry Maitland (AUS)
Ben Ehrenreich (US)
Ben Sanders (NZ)
Caroline Baum (AUS)
Cassandra Austin (AUS)
Cath Kenneally (AUS)
Cordelia Fine (AUS)
David Francis (AUS/US)
David Hunt (AUS)
Davina Bell (AUS)
Decca Aitkenhead (UK)
Dominic Symes (AUS)
Dougal Macpherson (AUS)
Eka Kurniawan (IDN)
Elin Kelsey (CAN)
Elizabeth Harrower (AUS)
Emily Maguire (AUS)
Giulia Enders (GER)
Graeme Macrae Burnet (UK)
Hannah Kent (AUS)
Holly Throsby (AUS)
Ian McGuire (UK)
Inga Simpson (AUS)
Jan Owen (AUS)
Jane Smiley (US)
Janine di Giovanni (US)
Jeff Sparrow (AUS)
Jessa Crispin (US)
Jessica Walton (AUS)
Jessie Burton (UK)
Jock Serong (AUS)
John Marsden (AUS)
Jonathan Bate (UK)
Jules Leigh Koch (AUS)
Julia Baird (AUS)
Kate Grenville (AUS)
Kate Summerscale (UK)
Keith Houston (UK)
Ken Bolton (AUS)
Kim Mahood (AUS)
Kooshyar Karimi (AUS)
Kyrs Lee (KOR)
Lia Hills (AUS)
Lindy West (US)
Louise Nicholas (AUS)
Madeleine Thien (CAN)
Malachy Tallack (UK)
Maxine Beneba Clarke (AUS)
Mei Fong (US)
Melina Marchetta (AUS)
Michelle Wright (AUS)
Mike Ladd (AUS)
Nathan Hill (US)
Nick Earls (AUS)
Patrick Allington (AUS)
Patrick Cockburn (UK)
Paula Byrne (UK)
Peter Geye (US)
Peter Ho Davies (US)
Peter Mares (AUS)
Peter Robinson (UK)
Richard Fidler (AUS)
Sara Taylor (US/UK)
Sebastian Barry (IRL)
Sebastian Smee (US)
Soyeon Kim (CAN)
Stephen Dando-Collins (AUS)
Steve Brock (AUS)
Thomas Frank (US)
Thomas Stranger (AUS)
Thordis Elva (ICE)
Tory Shepherd (AUS)
William Maley (AUS)
Yuri Herrera (MEX)
Zöe Morrison (AUS)

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