Book Review: Two Kinds of Truth

Two San Fernando pharmacists, father and son, are shot to death in Two Kinds of Truth. An inefficient attempt to make it look like a drug robbery fools nobody.

Soon Connelly is exposing (through Harry Bosch’s investigation) a gigantic Oxycodone scam against the government. Oxycodone is powerful pain relief that is highly addictive.

The drug dealers mobilise docile (usually retired) doctors to write illegal scripts for street people (and addicts) who become slave labour. The slaves are paid $1 a pill by their Russian masters who then sell the pills for $20 each. The government foots the bill for a drug scam country-wide worth billions of dollars.

Harry struggles to clean up this local branch of a scandalously crooked industry while wrestling with an attempt by a crooked lawyer and a condemned serial killer to destroy Harry’s reputation by claiming he planted evidence.

To escape that attack Harry needs the ingenious talents of Mickey Haller, his ‘Lincoln Lawyer’ half-brother. Both sides of this novel are gripping.

Adelaide In-depth

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