Book Review: Wild Fire

Now a popular TV drama screened by the ABC and Netflix, Anne Cleeves returns to the Shetland Islands for one final outing.

Ann Cleves has matured like a great wine. She has written several series of novels but always seems to know when to end a series. Two series have made successful transitions to television: Vera and Shetland. Wild Fire concludes the DI Jimmy Perez Shetland novels. I recommend it heartily.

The plot centres around two families who are ‘off-comers’. Robert is the local doctor; his wife Belle is a hotshot in PR. Daniel is an architect with a more famous wife, Helena, whose knitwear designs are known worldwide. Both families have children. Helena’s Shetland life is disturbed early. First the man whose family had owned her house for generations hangs himself in their barn. Then Daniel and Emma’s 24-year-old nanny is also found hanging in the barn but clearly murdered.

Perez copes with a bewildering case and with the staggering news his boss and on-off lover, Willow, brings when she arrives to take charge. Enthralling!

Author: Ann Cleeves

Cover from Anne Cleeves' 'Wild Fire'
Cover from Anne Cleeves’ ‘Wild Fire’

Publisher: Macmillan


Adelaide In-depth

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