Book Review: Wordslut

Amanda Montell examines how language can create systems of gendered repression – and perhaps help us rewrite them.

Wordslut is a fun yet thoroughly researched look at the way women are actively restrained, insulted or repressed through gendered language. Sociolinguist Amanda Montell takes a feminist lens to language – from industrialisation to late capitalism and from early English to the internet-infused version we use today.

Montell’s voice is easy to connect with – she remains clear, concise and humorous throughout. While the book relies heavily on incorporating interviews with fellow linguists, historic timelines and case studies, the reader’s attention is consistently held through pop culture references and zingers. Montell sees language as “the next frontier of modern gender equality” and Wordslut affirms a strong case for using vocabularies to verbally smash the patriarchy.

Author: Amanda Montell
Publisher: Nero

Amanda Montell's Wordslut

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