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Blue Sky and Beautiful Gardens: Meet Adelaide's Newest Theatre Company

Blue Sky and Beautiful Gardens: Meet Adelaide's Newest Theatre Company

Blue Sky Theatre is the latest addition to Adelaide’s theatre scene. In a climate where established theatre companies might not allow themselves much flexibility and freedom in approaching new material, Blue Sky hopes to provide an outlet and platform for works that don’t necessarily fit the mould.

With an involvement in theatre that extends back over a decade, Blue Sky founder and director Dave Simms holds no shyness toward the stage. In 2003, Simms co-founded a theatre company Mixed Salad Productions, as well being involved with the Adelaide Repertory Theatre and the Stirling Players.

As Simms explained in a recent release, Blue Sky Theatre was born out of his desire to create a space where new interpretations of classical plays could be shared alongside entirely fresh pieces. Disenchanted with the idea that a play has to be well-known in order to be well-received or must follow its classical interpretation, he decided to curate theatre that would serve as an outlet for the anomalies.


“Often when I mention plays I’ve read and want to direct, people say to me ‘I’ve never heard of it’,” says Simms, “I want to create a company that will look for more unusual plays…well-written stories for actors and actresses. After all, every show was new once.”

Blue Sky will raise its red curtain to audiences for the first time in January, when they embark upon a collaborative effort with Open Gardens SA. The two organisations are set to break free of the restrictions the proscenium arch and traditional theatre can impose. Their fun-filled and more contemporary adaptation of Sense and Sensibility will tour across three idyllic garden settings in Victor Harbour, Aldgate and Beaumont.


Open Gardens SA chair Vick Winnell posits the collaboration as a positive move for both involved: the garden setting set to build support and appreciation for both Blue Sky and South Australian gardens.

“Imagine how delightful it will be to watch this gorgeous story while sipping a glass of wine on a beautiful summer evening in one of SA’s wonderful gardens.”

Sense and Sensibility
Blue Sky Theatre

January 14-15, Brook Road Garden, Victor Harbour
January 21-22, Stangate House, Aldgate
January 26-28, Beaumont House, Beaumont
Tickets available from

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